The Keene Public Library’s Capital Campaign is a collaborative effort of several groups of community leaders:

The Campaign Committee

Judy Putnam, Co-Chair
Alfrieda J. Englund, Co-Chair
Ernest Hebert, Honorary Chair

Sally Bulger
Megan Burke Kidder
Mike Chelstowski
Anne Faulkner
Barry Faulkner
Ken Jue
Drew Landry
John MacLean
Sylvia McBeth
Jane Pitts
George Scott
Christine Weeks

Nancy Vincent, Library Director
Alan Cantor, Campaign Counsel
Patty Farmer, Campaign Manager
Sean Wiley, Admin. Assistant

Trustees of Keene Public Library

City Trustees
Kathleen Packard, Chair
Jennifer DeCoste
Charles Redfern
George Scott
Nathaniel Stout
Don Wilmeth

Thayer Trustees
Paul Henkel
Ken Jue
Sally Miller
Judy Putnam
William Stroup
Carl Jacobs, City Council Liaison

The Friends of the Keene Public Library
Jane Pitts, President
Jill Cielinski, Vice President
Marilyn Gemmell, Treasurer
Paul Ledell, Heberton Funds Chair
Jean Kostick, Secretary
Michelle Fuller
Pam Knight
David Meader
Sally Rinehart
Jennifer Stemp

Keene Public Library
Annex Advisory Committee

Sally Miller, Chair
Andy Bohannon
Jennifer Bone
Jill Cielinski
Paul Henkel
Ken Jue
Medard Kopczynski
Paul Ledell
Scott Martin
Kathleen Packard
Carlotta Pini
Jane Pitts
Judy Putnam
Nancy Vincent
Sean Wiley, Admin. Assistant