The Need

KPL SignageHelp us start a new chapter in the history of the Keene Public Library!

Since 1898, the Keene Public Library has served as a vitally important community resource. It’s more than a place to get a book, though it will always be that, too. The Library is where we connect with the world, and with one another.

Public libraries have evolved dramatically in recent years, moving far beyond outdated stereotypes of dusty encyclopedias and shushing librarians. Today, the Keene Public Library is a vibrant institution, bridging the digital divide, making information in electronic and paper form freely available to all.

The citizens of Keene love and appreciate the current Library. However, its space is limited, as is its capacity to integrate new technologies. Fortunately, we have a solution – right next door!

Our plan is to connect the current Library to the building now known as the Library Annex – the site of Heberton Hall. We will renovate the Annex, making it fully accessible and transforming it into the technological and creative center for the Library – and, by extension, for the community. A bright, welcoming atrium opening onto West Street will connect the two buildings. The project will also allow us to update core systems in both buildings, using green technologies and efficiencies wherever possible. This effort will ensure that for the foreseeable future the Keene Public Library will thrive as the community’s intellectual and social center.

As when Edward C. Thayer donated the original building for the Library in 1898, this project is a partnership between the City and private citizens.

Please join us in making this exciting plan a reality!