Library Usage

The Keene Public Library is the heart and soul of the community, promoting knowledge, connection, creativity, and collaboration. The Library has never been busier.

KPL Usage InfographicIn an average week, 4,000 citizens from all walks of life use the Library. In 2015-over the course of the year, nearly 18,000 registered borrowers check out over 274,000 items, and more than 24,000 people attend over 1,800 events held at the Library. The public accesses the internet on Library computers over 22,000 times a year.

The Library serves all the people of Keene and thousands more from the wider Monadnock region.

The Keene Public Library plays a particularly critical role for those with limited resources, including our neighbors with no access at home to broadband, computers, or smartphones. The Library is meanwhile a social and intellectual hub for our seniors, and the building fills each weekday afternoon with children who need a safe and positive place to go after school.

KPL Patrons

It is for today’s children and teenagers – whether leafing through books in the stacks or discovering the world through the internet – that we have launched this campaign. And it is for their children and grandchildren as well. Yes, we are raising capital funds for the Keene Public Library today – but this initiative is really for future generations.