KPL Meeting spacesFlexible Meeting Spaces
Several new technologically-advanced meeting areas will be in the Annex – for teens, “tweens,” businesses, club meetings, job interviews, and collaborations. The same space might be used for a literacy tutorial at 9 a.m., a video-conference business meeting at 11 a.m., a gathering of seniors at 1 p.m., a computer homework space for middle-schoolers at 3 p.m., a digital research center for high school students in the late afternoon, and a book club discussion in the evening.

KPL New TechTechnology
The enhanced Library will provide vastly better access to and guidance in new and evolving technology. We know about our current technological needs, such as additional computers, tablets, and 3-D printers. What will the future hold? This project will allow the library to provide access to evolving technology, along with guidance on how to use that technology.

creativeCreative Space
Writers, filmmakers, artists, and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to create and collaborate, with full access to technology and expert staff/reference support.

coffee-appleSocial Space
Patrons of all ages will find the expanded Library a relaxing place for connecting with one another. The new atrium will be a food-friendly area, where families can provide a snack to toddlers before or after story time, and where seniors can have a morning coffee with friends. The Library, of course, will always have quiet areas as well, where people can read and think and find refuge from the stress of their lives.

Performance spacesPerformance Spaces
The current Heberton Hall will be updated and improved, and a smaller multi-use hall will be developed upstairs. Both will be designed for flexibility of use. Heberton Hall will become a more effective venue for lectures, plays, concerts, and social gatherings; the upstairs hall could be set up in any number of configurations to meet the needs of creative productions, receptions or meetings. A renovated and fully functional catering kitchen will service both areas.

Core ServicesCore Services
Now and on into the future, the beautiful main library building we have come to know and love will continue to house collections of materials in a variety of formats and age levels. Services include assisting people of all ages in finding and accessing information and reading materials. The programming will continue to emphasize introducing the youngest members of the community to reading and learning activities.